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OKLAHOMA CITY (June 1, 2022) – The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) announced today that nearly four dozen Praxis subject assessments will now be available to help combat the state’s severe teacher shortage. The suite of tests will provide an additional pathway to certification to teaching candidates or teachers seeking additional certification.  

Teaching candidates will now be able to take 44 Praxis subject assessments as an alternative to the comparable Oklahoma Subject Area Tests (OSATs). All Praxis assessments are aligned to Oklahoma’s academic standards, ensuring teachers are equipped with the content knowledge needed to support student learning. 

Oklahoma law allows the state to certify individuals who have successfully completed a competency assessment used in a majority of other states. Praxis exams are used in teacher certification programs across the nation, ensuring comparability of Oklahoma teacher candidates to test-takers from around the country and allowing out-of-state educators to teach in Oklahoma classrooms without the need to retake approved subject area exams after they have relocated to the state.  

“While we grapple with a teacher shortage that the pandemic has only worsened, it is critical that we provide every opportunity for qualified individuals to enter the classroom and devote their professional talents to our students,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister. “This new suite of Praxis assessments not only ensures prospective teachers have demonstrated mastery of the subjects they will be assigned to teach, but provides a plethora of free test preparation resources.  

“We welcome any option that opens the doors of Oklahoma classrooms to more qualified educators and helps retain those who may be interested in broadening the scope of classes they are able to teach. The availability of these tests is a win-win for teachers and kids.”  

“Oklahoma is making nearly four dozen key Praxis tests available to provide Oklahoma’s future educators with choice in how they attain professional certification,” said ETS Praxis Executive Director Jason Carter. “This choice is opening the doors of Oklahoma’s classrooms to new educators, while also supporting the growth of teachers already leading our students. Praxis is delivering new and innovative opportunities to Oklahoma to increase the state’s teaching workforce and to ensure quality education for every student.” 

Praxis test-takers will have access to a host of test preparation materials at no cost, including full-length interactive practice tests, study plans and companions, and test-prep videos. Additionally, Praxis test-takers have the option to securely test at home with a remote proctor 365 days a year or at an approved testing center of their choosing. Additional information on test center locations and testing dates is available here. 


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Last updated on June 1, 2022